Our Philosophy

Experimental: We believe that learning by doing encourages children to be confident, responsible and capable. They explore and experiment through their senses and build an understanding of the environment around them.

Integrated Learning: The TLS teaching methodology ensures the all-round development of the child through the seamless blending of the four domains of knowledge (cognitive, psychomotor, socio-emotional, affective) making the learning experiences creative and thought-provoking.

Inspirational: Identifies and nurtures the talents and innate potential of each child, inspiring them to work their full potential with emphasis on building self-esteem and confidence.

Positive Learning Environment: A safe and secure, happy and caring environment that is sensitive to each child’s unique learning style, developing all aspects of his or her personality.

Learning for life: Instills principles and beliefs in children which influence their behaviour and attitude, enabling him or her to determine the choice he or she makes in future.

Value Based: TLS ensure children’s physical and emotional well-being fostering sensitivity in them towards situations and emotions of others equipping them to bring about positive changes in themselves and the world around them.