Honestyis a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, loyalty and straightforwardness along with absence of lying or cheating.

Responsibility & Accountability:We are a responsible person when we accept the results of the decisions we make. It is the state of fact of being accountable and answerable for our actions.

SensitivityWe can be different in ways, lifestyle and opinion, however we care enough not just about each other but exihibit respect and love for fellow being and our mother earth.

Pride in One’s own cultureour country stands for its culture and linguistic diversity, the endurance and hospitality of our people, coupled with patriotic sentiment.

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About The Little Shri School, Rohtak – Top CBSE School in Rohtak

The little Shri, Rohtak believes in encouraging and nurturing uniqueness in each child through well accepted global practices in education and propagating Indian values. TLS strives to offer a platform that encourages students to discover their own special light, at their own pace and to reach their goals. The educational practices, teaching learning methodologies and values of The Little Shri School, inspire students to work towards their full potential with emphasis on building self esteem and confidence. The Little Shri School has been consecutively ranked No.1 amongst the best day schools across Haryana for many years.

Parents Testimonials

I like The Little Shri School as it has the best student teacher ratio in the city making it known for individual attention to each student. They never over stress children with burden of studies rather they focus at the over all development of children. The staff, management and the principal lay good emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities apart from studies which helps in shaping more confident and healthy future citizens of country. The biggest thing is our children always feel happy to go to their school and look forward to it every day.

Dr chekitaan, Eye specialist
I am very much satisfied with the kind of education my child is getting here. The infrastructure and the environment here is extremely child friendly. Kids love and enjoy going to school each day. Being located in the heart of the city makes it one of the safest schools I found for my child. This school is a great combination of learning and exposure needed for a child for his/her over-all well being. I am relieved that we no more feel the need to send our kids to a boarding school or to any school in metropolitans for quality education and world-class exposure.
Mr Arvinder Dhull (DTP, Haryana Govt.)