School Leaving Certificate

To apply for School Leaving Certificate, it is mandatory that the parent must meet the Principal along with a formal written application. You can also send your application via email at To avoid paying fee for next month/quarter, In case of Session End withdrawal, the application must be submitted before 1st March of that session and In case of any Mid-Year withdrawal, the application must be submitted before 7th of that month.
Note: In case a withdrawal application is submitted to any other person other than the Principal, it shall neither be accepted nor be processed for necessary action.

S.No End Date Class Download SLC
1 Anaya Chahar 9th Download Now
2 Ritvik 9th Download Now
3 Avani IV Download Now
4 Parnika Sharma V Download Now
5 Tanisha Harjai IV Download Now
7 Parul 10 Download Now
8 Chitraksh Malik 10 Download Now
9 Aarav Rana 6 Download Now
10 Mayra Rana K.G. Download Now